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The pathways workbook has been a cornerstone in the treatment of sexually aggressive youth since the first edition was issued twenty years ago. Pathways, 4th edition a guided workbook for youth beginning treatment. The pathways workbook has been a cornerstone in the treatment of sexually aggressive youth since the first edition was issued twenty years ago. The relapse prevention workbook for youth in treatment (guided workbooks for juvenile sex offenders) charlene steen. Road to freedom a comprehensive competency-based workbook for sexual offenders in treatment john w. Target population adolescent males and females with sexual behavior problems, ages 12-18 for childrenadolescents ages 12 18 for parentscaregivers of children ages 12 18 program overview. Pathways fourth edition is a structured, guided workbook for use with adolescent males and females with sexual behavior problems, including but not limited to sexual offending. Person piece of paper possible prevention plan problem questions rape relationship remember respect responsible separate piece sex offenders sexual abuse sexual behavior sexual contact sexual offenses signs situations someone sometimes started step stop talk tell things thinking. His well-known books, pathways and his newest book for parents, healthy families, are serving as models for the juvenile sex offender treatment process in programs across the country and in other countries such as japan. His guided workbook, roadmaps, also provides a framework for the treatment of young children with sexual behavior problems. Upbeat and positive, pathways to healthy sexuality is designed to give offenders confidence and self-respect, bringing them even closer to their goal of no more victims. This workbook was created in 1989 and it has undergone even revisions over the decades since its release. Juvenile sex offendertreatment workbook your therapy will have been a waste of time effort and money if you reoffend. This is the nal section and helps you develop a plan of how you and your family will respond if there are indicators that you are close to reoffending.   the workbook can then be used as a resource guide by the offender to reference in the future or as a source of positive reinforcement to prevent relapse. Cullen and wilson maintain that going through six sessions does not absolve sex offenders from their actions and that long-term therapy is still the best approach to relapse prevention. Designed for comprehensive sex offender programs that use psycho-educational materials to complement other treatment modalities, this is a self-guided workbook which introduces offenders to basic purposes and principles of treatment and lays a foundation for them to get the most benefit.

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